Near Life Experience

by Hard To Handle

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released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Hard To Handle Paris, France

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Track Name: Only Darwin can judge me
That shit you preach i can't stand to hear
the scum under your control i can't bear
the lies you keep telling them
the mud out of your mouth
you disgust me
it's hard to handle

so hard to handle

don't you expect to walk away
do not figure you'll have it your way
no tolerance cause you're to blame
there'll come a time you will have hell to pay

it's getting harder and harder
it's getting so hard to handle
Track Name: Don't be yourself (feat. Nico Angry Vets)
Thank the tree for stopping your stupid ride
too bad the price was your life
but i guess you knew your chances from the start
you decided to take the risk for you and people who would meet your path
so I can't say that I'm sad of this outcome
you played you drank you drove you lost you scum
at least we're sure we won't hear you complain about hating the game

tree 1 you 0 - this score suits you fine, you zero
and those who told you to be yourself can go to hell too
cause it's obvious your innerself sucked
and I'm just hoping the tree will heal from all your bullshit
Track Name: Near life experience
I just don't get your pride of acting like everyone fucking else
what's the point of being a sheep in a sheep clothing
always doing what you're being told

of proving your brain doesn't work
of letting others decide for you

give yourself a break just once in your existence
choose the other path
take the unknown road
get some fresh air for your brain and soul
start living your goddam life
write the story with your own stupid words

there's no good in never questioning things
so many hidden wonders if you scratch the surface
dig deeper than what you're expected, try harder than that
defiance sets us apart
Track Name: On the attack
You rolled up your sleeves
to give your best
you worked so hard
and took no rest
you were so confident
in what you undertook
now you stumble on me cause you step off the wrong foot

swing my hand
on your face
now you run
and stumble again
i will
I'm gonna bust you out of the way!
Track Name: Militant my ass
It's ok to believe in a cause
but when it's time to defend it
why do you run away?
always pretending to be into it or
did you run your mouth to promote yourself?
cause when shit gets real you're nowhere to be found
don't talk the talk
if you won't walk the walk
you'll prove yourself wrong

it's time to stand the fuck up
provide the work you've taken the credit for

don't talk the talk
if you won't walk the walk
Track Name: Turfu
Forever in a hurry
always the first ahead
fighting for every second
the disastrous effects of time on their faces remind me that my turn will come

not much left to push it back
making my youth last a bit more
was the least I could fucking try
knowing death will always settle the score

this constant oppression is the reason why
I'm always on the run
got no time to waste
got to focus on the turfu
not on what I can't do anymore

not much left to push it back
making my youth last a bit more
was the least I could fucking try
knowing death will always settle the score

breaking free
breaking all my chains
whenever I'll find
myself trapped
cause i never wanna die and become dust in the wind
even though i know this is the certain ending
i never wanna die and become nothing
even though i know that this will be the certain ending